Single Sign-On
Employees and contractors can use their USWIN desktop ID and password to sign on to all SSO-enabled applications. Any external user should use their Single Sign-On (SSO) ID. By signing on, you will automatically be logged in to SSO-enabled applications without having to enter different login IDs and passwords.
 Logon to SSO
  User ID   
  Security Key    
LEGAL NOTICE: Verizon Wireless communications systems, networks and company-issued communication devices may be used only by authorized users for legitimate purposes. Use is monitored for system administration, to identify or investigate inappropriate access and use, and for other business purposes, as permitted by law. By accessing these systems, networks or devices you are consenting to this monitoring, which includes your use of the Internet and corporate and personal web-based email. Additionally, users agree that they understand and will comply with all Verizon Wireless Information Security and Privacy policies, including policy statements, instructions, standards and guidelines.